Download Game Client 2GB

Full Client

Just download, extract, and run MegaRO.exe (patcher)

Please check FAQ below, if you facing any problems with the game client


The game client does not start?

We have our own protection against cheaters on the server. Therefore, some antivirus may detect game protection files as malware. But it isn't. Why do they detect these files as malicious? Because we analyze and protect the game client from hacks, and some anti-viruses don't like this kind of activity. 

Because of this, some files may be blocked by anti-viruses or deleted altogether, and because of the removal of important components of the game – the game can not run. Usually the following files are involved: hajime.dll, MegaRO.exe, game.dll please check that these files are in the folder with the game. If they are missing – reinstall the game, and add files to exceptions in your antivirus. 

All files are here, but client does not run

If all the files are in the game folder, the problem is already on the client side and your PC. To do this, you will definitely need to run setup.exe and select the last option from the GPU tab (your video card). And try running the game again. That should help. 

Also remind – the game must be run by the administrator, otherwise it will not run. 

Also, if you have msc++ errors, you need to install VC++ Redistributables (2008, 2012, 2015, 2017)

I still facing issues, what to do?

If you made sure you have all the necessary files in the game folder, but the game still does not start or does not work as expected – just contact our support (Live Chat) and we will help you right away (if we're online). It's usually something minor. Very rarely – viruses, even more rarely – malfunctions of the operating system. There are no unsolvable problems.