Join MegaRO

Rates Exp: x50, Drop Equip: 1%, Drop Cards: 0.5%, MVP Cards 0.01%; Infinite quests, missions, headgears, events, bloody branches, Max Levels 99/70, Episode: 13.2 (classic)

Why you shold try the game server?

Server Features

Built-in RCX, 300+ Quests, 1200+ Costumes, 1000+ Palettes, Huntings, 20+ Events, Restock, Guild and Freebies Packages, Guild Locations, WoE and Optimized

Why you need to try MegaRO?

Simply we’re one of the best Ragnarok Online servers in the market:

Really tons of customizations

Dozens of commands, NPC, hundreds of headgears, quests, self-made events, instances, games, Event GM Platform, Guild Locations, Mechanic Fixes, Battlegrounds 2.0, Multi-Currency + Vending Area, Restock, @spb, Built-in RCX, cheat protection and no lags

Freebies and Guild Packages

We have prepared automated freebies, guild packages, party packages, and starnet newbie packs for people to easy join the game server at any time when you wish. All that you just need to do is organize guild/party invite them to the game server and claim your gifts.

Our game server international, but main language is English. Automated proxy system will help you to minimize latency and improve your game experience

Are you looking for easy to farm server?

The game server about fast leveling and killing mvps, fighting in BG, PVP, doing quests, with minimum efforts

Equal conditions

Perfect server rates for long-term gameplay. We have static rates system, not dynamic one. You can always find what to do in the game

We will entertain you

Except quests, missions, huntings, we have set of different instances, monster areas, and really unique farming areas

You can enjoy the game

We authorize to use autopotions, and we have set of features against hard-core cheat-software and nodelay & bots. RCX built-in

Notification when the game server will open

Short information about the game server

  • Server Rates
  • NPC And Systems
  • Mechanic Changes
  • Technical Info
Server Rates

Perfect and clever farming

We have implemented static drop for all types of items. Depends on the item type you will have different rates, which makes equal conditions for everyone in the game.

NPC And Systems

We have ALL required NPCs

30+ different NPCs (healers, warpers, identifiers, kafra, guild storage, guld warper, sage enchant, taekwon helper, plagiarism and many more. 80+ commands with @storage

Mechanic Changes

Fixed and reverted back mechanics

Normally working: Hocus-Pocus, Land Protector, Meteor Storm, different AoE spells, a little bit modified sonic blown, nodelay protection, and different customizations to make game perfect

Technical Info

Technical Details

The game server located in North America, with perfect latency over North Americas, Europe, and partically South-East Asia. Auto-proxy system, and client optimizations for 100+ fps in game.

What about Freebies?

We offer for all players nice gifts

We have many different reward systems designed specifically for players.

Such as daily gifts, gifts for newbies, gifts for guilds that migrate to this server, gifts for streamers, gifts for groups.

And also we additionally created some NPCs which give out the necessary equipment when you change the profession.